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Increase revenues and sell more leads to your clients in the real estate, mortgage and auto warranty verticals.

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Vicuna Leads, LLC is a preferred supplier of real estate, mortgage and auto warranty leads to some of the nation’s top portals and largest lead retailers. We qualify, score and deliver leads to our partners in real time so they can increase sales to their consumers without sacrificing quality or profits.
Our network of intelligent websites consistently generates high quality leads through diverse sources of traffic, ranging from SEO, PPC and Facebook to highly targeted email campaigns and word of mouth. Inquire today for affiliate opportunities and lead samples. The names of our clients are strictly confidential.

T H E   T E A M

Tim Allen
Jeffrey Roach
Tyler Martin
Tim Allen

Tim Allen Jr.

President, Vicuna Leads, LLC

Tim Allen is the founder and manager of Vicuna Leads, LLC (“Vicuna”).

Vicuna was created as a national expansion of Mr. Allen’s successful real estate advertising model. Today, this advertising model generates quality leads in the real estate, lending and insurance verticals. Noteworthy companies depend on these leads to drive sales and maintain a quality portfolio of clients. All of this contributes to Vicuna’s quality reputation in the online marketing industry.

Mr. Allen is a graduate of the prestigious Cranbrook Schools and holds an undergraduate degree in Real Estate Finance (Business) from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Throughout college and law school at Michigan State University College of Law, Mr. Allen contributed to the development of 67 multi-family apartments and condominiums.

Since relocating to South Florida, Mr. Allen has been adding value to business and real estate transactions through his law practice and luxury real estate brokerage Blackstone International Realty, LLC. Today, Vicuna is Mr. Allen’s primary focus.

Jeffrey Roach

Jeffrey Roach

COO, Vicuna Leads, LLC

For the past 10 years I have been cultivating a strategy that will change the way advertising agencies are structured. Bringing together the best and brightest from various disciplines within the online marketing space, it is my goal to create a platform for top talent to thrive.

As COO of Vicuna Leads, LLC, my lone purpose is to create an environment that allows individuals to think freely and express who they are through their work. I believe that people are good. Allowing that goodness to shine through without restraint while offering each and every person within the organization to be in on the decision making process is the key to harnessing greatness.

Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin

Director, Media Operations, Vicuna Leads, LLC

Tyler Martin is an invaluable resource to our team. He joined Vicuna after spending over a decade at Bankrate.com, one of the most trusted brands in Personal Finance, and similar organizations. A self-described 'wearer of many hats', Tyler is always willing to lend his skill set to any facet of the organization in order to accomplish our goals.

His experience allows him to manage client relationships and use his analytical background to ensure we're meeting our client's KPIs, in addition to our own. Tyler has a knack, not only for identifying trends, but proposing optimization tactics to guarantee a successful campaign.

Tyler's approach to business is to provide the highest level of customer service and professionalism to every client, partner, and user of Vicuna's online properties.

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